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Monthly Archives: May 2010

Before you Tackle that Remodeling Job, Do your Research

Last week, we posted about why homeowners need to hire a National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) certified contractors or remodelers when tackling remodeling projects, and based on an article we’ve found an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that details just why it’s so necessary.

“The home improvement industry is going to be one of the leaders in the economic recovery as people are fixing what needs to be fixed or getting their homes shined up to compete in the market,” said Fred Elsberry, president of the BBB’s region covering metro Atlanta. “Any time there is a potential growth industry, people come in who are less than stellar.”

As the article notes, “While all remodeling jobs are a pain, homeowners who do their research and follow sound advice stand a better chance of being satisfied once the pounding and paint fumes are gone.”

To learn more about few the basics, check out “Do the Research for Home Projects“.

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Why Use a NARI Contractor or Remodeler?

The best case for using NARI remodelers is seeing what can happen when you don’t. The Kansas City NARI chapter has a great overview video that demonstrates why finding a trustworthy, reliable contractor is so important.

Selecting a Kansas City NARI contractor gives you peace of mind because you know the remodeling professional working in your home has the desire to be above the competition by completing the many steps required to join this organization. To join NARI, a remodeler must be in business for more than one year, fill out a three-page application listing client and trade references, agree to follow the organization’s established code of ethics and show proof of insurance. The defined purpose of Kansas City NARI is to promote professionalism and education in the remodeling industry; employing a remodeler who supports that purpose shows you are working with the very best.

Find out why hiring a NARI professional is a must here.

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How Spray-Foam Insulation Saves you Money

A poorly insulated home hits homeowners where it hurts the most–their wallets. And, dollar for dollar, according to, “with its energy efficient R-value, green value, effectiveness and installation ease, spray foam insulation is a money-saving home improvement that will pay for itself season after season and year after year, simply by reducing energy bills. You may even qualify for an energy tax credit that could save you additional money.”

As we’ve reported on this blog earlier this month, Henges Insulation is now carrying Spray Foam insulation. “When you couple new insulation with additional energy efficient measures, such as sealing gaps in windows and doors and switching to energy-efficient heating and cooling mechanisms, the savings can really add up.” Make sure you’re not throwing away good money by clicking here.

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Build Green Kansas City

Are you familiar with Build Green Kansas City? A program out of the Home Builders Association of Greater Kansas City, it’s devoted to bringing green to the mainstream for all local homebuilders and remodelers.

The HBA has established a Build Green Council for industry professionals members with an interest in sustainable building practices and providing consumers with new homes that help protect the environment.

Membership in the council is open to anyone with an interest in green building. Membership for HBA members is just $100 per year. Click here for more information on Built Green Kansas City and to learn why going green should be part of your business plan.

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Frame of Reference

When it comes to buying furniture, are you guilty of judging a chair by its fabric? Kansas City Homes & Gardens recently published a great article on how choosing quality furniture keeps more green in your pocket in the long term–and leaves fewer items for the landfill.

First things first: Try not to succumb to guerrilla sales tactics. Do your research and ask questions. Avoid impulse purchases like the plague.  “If something isn’t exactly what you want, but you’re willing to settle because of price or immediate availability regardless of quality, it will probably become an albatross down the road,” says Dennis N. Myers, manager of KDR Designer Showrooms, a premier to-the-trade resource, in the article.

According to “Frame of Reference,” here are four important things you should look for in a quality piece of furniture:

Frame — “Kiln-dried is desirable, which means the wood’s moisture content is gone, and the frame is solid and won’t warp or distort,” Myers says. “Sustainable forest woods such as maple and alder are good choices.”

Spring — Eight-way hand-tied springs are best, and pieces incorporating them fetch top dollar. Quality and comfort are still attainable with S-shaped springs that are cut and tied to the frame and cost a bit less. Both Madden and Myers say to avoid one-piece units that are made separately and put into several different pieces —  initially they may feel good but probably won’t stand the test of time. Joints should be solid, such as dovetail joints or wooden dowels.

Cushions — Look for quality fill, such as high-density Dacron, that will hold its shape for years. Feather and down cushions give unquestionable luxurious softness but make sure they’re ticked.  Davis suggests unzipping a cushion. “If it’s just foam without a liner, it’s going to wear pretty quickly,” she says.

Fabric — It should match your taste and be colorfast and durable. “A proactive designer offers options to customize a piece to your style,” Myers says.

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Replace your Woodburning Fireplace with a Gas Insert

We are no longer servicing or installing fireplaces. Please call us for a recommendation.

Is your wood-burning fireplace becoming too much of a chore every winter? You should replace your woodburning fireplace with a gas insert! A wood-burning fireplace is considered to be one of the most inefficient heat sources available according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Updating it with an easy to use gas insert will bring warmth and efficiency.
Replace your woodburning fireplace with a gas

Replace your woodburning fireplace with a gas insert:

Fireplace inserts fit in the opening of an existing wood fireplace and the variety of surrounds available close any gaps. Fans and blowers are also available to help push the heat out into the room and optional remote controls make it as simple to use as a traditional gas fireplace.

Henges Insulation & Fireplaces has a comprehensive team of trained professionals with years of critical, hands-on experience. These experts will help you choose the fireplace or insulation best-suited for your home. Our certified installers have undergone extensive training and regular re-certifications and will work with you to get the job done right.

At Henges Insulation & Fireplaces, our experienced team offers nothing less than outstanding customer service. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and competitive pricing. If there is anything we can help you with, please contact us at 913-764-4600 or complete the contact form. We look forward to working with you!

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MO Homeowners Could Get Help Going Green

Missouri homeowners could get help when it comes to taking energy efficiency steps in their home, according to an article in the Associated Press. The Property Assessed Clean Energy program, which passed legislation in the Missouri House last month, would let “cities and counties issue bonds to make loans to homeowners for energy-saving improvements,” the article says.

“Homeowners would have up to 20 years to pay off a loan through a special property tax assessment, which could be passed on to the next owner if the home were sold.”

The Senate is considering a similar measure. “The bill would also require new state buildings to meet certain energy standards and would outline registration of compost facilities.”

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A Worthy Cause in Lee’s Summit

As a follow up to our post last week, “Sick Lee’s Summit Homeowner Gets Extreme Green Makeover,” we wanted to thank our friends at Kansas City Homes & Gardens for covering the story as well on their blog under “A Helpful Hand.” Henges was proud to be a part of this amazing cause, and we’re happy to share a few pictures below, courtesy of KCH&G‘s blog, below.

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Sick Lee’s Summit Homeowner Gets Extreme Green Makeover

Thanks to a collaboration between Lee’s Summit Community Church, Kansas City’s homebuilding industry and KCP&L/MGE utility company, a local wife and other battling cancer and chemotherapy received a green home makeover over the weekend, according to a story on Fox 4.

Despite a struggling economy, this news story details how local church volunteers and homebuilders have come together and pooled their resources to outfit the woman’s home with measures to improve energy efficiency, water efficiency, and indoor air quality–all of which promise to aide a compromised immune system.

The renovation plans, which began May 1st, include replacing siding and windows, caulking and sealing, adding insulation to the attic, retrofitting heating/cooling system with better air filtration, replacing carpting, changing faucets and shower heads to low-flow fixtures and other general home repairs.

For more information, visit Fox 4 news.

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Henges to Carry Spray-Foam Insulation

Henges Insulation is thrilled to add spray foam insulation to our ever-evolving list of high-quality insulation products. Spray-foam is one of the fastest-growing categories of insulation, and we’re excited to offer a performance-driven, formaldehyde-free product to our customers. It’s also high-yield and energy-efficient: our new spray-foam brand sprays at 3 inches per pass, and provides as many as 5,200 board feet of coverage per set.

Perfect for residential, commercial or industrial applications, our spray-foam insulation will provide superior thermal, moisture and cold-temperature performance and dimensional stability.

In addition to lowering heating and cooling bills, spray-foam insulation is superior in its ability to stop air, moisture and pest infiltration and is known for adding structural strength. It’s also permanent, making it a sustainable product by default.

To find out more about our exciting new spray-foam product, give us a ring at 913-764-4600.

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