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Monthly Archives: December 2010

A Heart-Warming Story for Christmas

Here’s a heart-warming story just in time for the holidays:

A Detroit college student has designed a jacket made with insulation that can also transform into a sleeping bag to keep the city’s homeless population warm as brutal winter sets in up North. Industrial clothing maker Carhartt has taken notice of the innovative project and has pledged to help support production of the jackets.  Creator Veronika Scott hopes to create jobs for the homeless through local production of “Element S(urvival)” insulation jackets. You can follow the progress of the insulation jacket concept on Veronika’s blog.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Henges Insulation in Kansas City!

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Why We Hang Stockings by Our Chimneys for Christmas

Throughout history, fireplaces, chimneys, and hearths have all been closely associated with the holidays. It’s a place where family and friends gather to stay warm and where some of our holiday traditions began.

For example, by now you have hung your stockings by the chimney with care, but do you know why? There are two reasons, according to the Farmer’s Almanac:

  • In the 16th Century, the children staying in Holland kept their clogs, filled with straw, by the hearth for the reindeer. At the same time, they placed a treat for ‘Sinterclass’ (Santa Claus) near the fireplace in the house. As a return gift, the Sinterclass used to leave some gifts for the children. With time, the clogs became stockings and Sinterclass became Santa Claus.
  • There was family made up of a father and three daughters. The family had no money and the father was concerned about his daughters’ dowries. St. Nick heard of this family and knew the father would be too proud to accept money, so he decided to wait until dark and throw bags of coins down the chimney. As legend goes, these bags found their way into the three stockings hung by the fire. Soon the villagers came to know of St. Nicholas’ generosity and started hanging their stockings by the fireplace.

Test your knowledge of Christmas lore, and contact Henges Insulation & Fireplaces in Kansas City for all your home heating needs!

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Save on Unique Fireplace Gifts

Holiday shopping is coming down to the wire, and we have more ideas for fireplace gifts! Fireplace gifts are great for men and women and are sure to be appreciated by your picky sister-in-law as well as your brother.

fireplace gifts kansas city

Fireplace Gifts:

Take advantage of free shipping deals and holiday sales to land some deals on last-minute gifts and to stock up on seasonal items for next year.

Have you tried burning color cones in your fireplace? These are pinecones that generate multicolored flames when lit–a great idea for the holidays. Check out these from Plow & Hearth, where you can get free shipping by entering code PHHCP2:

There are also scented cones that fill the air with smells such as cinnamon and pine when lit.

This fireplace grill would make a “grate” gift too!

These toy-themed quilted Christmas stockings from Pottery Barn Kids are on sale and qualify for free shipping:

How about a chic fireplace lighter?

Contact Henges Insulation in Kansas City to stay warm this holiday season!

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6 Fireplace Safety Tips

The Home Safety Council has 6 fireplace safety tips worth repeating during this time of year. To prevent house fires and burns while operating your fireplace, remember these tips.

Fireplace Safety Tips

Fireplace Safety Tips:

  1. Burn only seasoned wood, not trash or other flammable items because those may emit poisonous or harmful fumes or ignite.
  2. Use UL-certified creosote logs to prevent the build-up of creosote in your chimney, which should be professionally inspected each year.
  3. Be sure your chimney flue (if applicable) is open before turning on your fireplace.
  4. Keep embers contained with glass doors or a fireplace screen.
  5. Install and make sure smoke detectors are working inside each level of your home, especially near sleeping areas.
  6. To avoid burns, don’t let children play near working fireplaces or wood stoves.

At Henges Insulation, our experienced team offers nothing less than outstanding customer service. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and competitive pricing. If there is anything we can help you with, please contact us at 913-764-4600 or complete the contact form. We look forward to working with you!

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Fireplace Accessories for Your Holiday Wish List

Fireplace accessories may not be the first thing you think of putting on your holiday wish list this year, but if you’re looking to add some personal style to your hearth, check out these finds:

Rustic Botanical Fireplace Screen, Crate & Barrel

Solid Brass Lucky Hearth Crickets,

Easton Fireplace Mantel, J.C. Penney

English Dark Oak Bellow,

Crossed Clubs Hearth Rug,

What is on your holiday wish list? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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16 Ideas for Textured Fireplace Surrounds

We are no longer servicing or installing fireplaces. Please call us for a recommendation.

On, homeowners and design professionals share their favorite looks and ideas for home decorating and improvement, including fireplaces. One user created an ideabook using images uploaded on the site that featured 16 ideas for textured fireplace surrounds made with materials such as marble, stacked stone, ceramic tile, wood paneling, and more.

Fireplace Surrounds

The author took a particular liking to this ceramic tile fireplace surround located inside a home designed by J. Weiss Design in San Francisco. The ceramic tile helps create a sleek, modern look without being boring or too minimalist.
Check out more textured fireplace surrounds, and let us know which one is your favorite by leaving a comment.
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Insulation From Higher Utility Bills

With the new Kansas City Power & Light electric rate increase that took effect Dec. 1, those on the Kansas side in the pocket are feeling an extra pinch–just in time for the holidays. The Kansas City Star reports KCPL customers can expect bills to go up an average of $50 per year, an increase of 30% over the past five years. Henges can help insulate your home from higher utility bills. Check out our post about the benefits of sealing your home’s envelope to save money on heating and cooling.

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