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Monthly Archives: August 2018

Designing A Stylish Fireplace

Better Homes & Gardens offers some good ideas for designing a stylish fireplace to add interest and warmth to any setting. Get more design ideas for stylish fireplaces, and tell us about how you have decorated the area around your fireplace by leaving a comment.

Designing A Stylish Fireplace

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  • Get away from brick and give tile a try on your fireplace surround.
  • Use paint to turn a dark fireplace wall into a crisp focal point. 
  • A white mantel can contrast a stone surround.
  • Use brass accessories and an oversize mirror to bring an ornate touch to a simple white brick fireplace.
  • Dress up a nonworking fireplace with glossy black paint. 
  • A fireplace screen can add an extra layer of detail.

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