Inserts Get More Use Out of Old Fireplaces

Posted by Greg Kudrna | October 3rd, 2010

Fireplace inserts are heating appliances that fit inside old fireplaces and can help you get more use out of an existing fireplace without remodeling. Installing a fireplace insert is also a great way to upgrade your heating system to be more energy efficient.

Fireplace inserts

A gas-burning fireplace insert easily can turn your old wood-burning fireplace into a lean gas-burning machine. Hooked on wood-burning? Vermont Castings makes inserts that can turn an old open fireplace into an energy-efficient wood-burning stove.

We recently blogged about flex-fuel fireplaces. Well, did you know there is flex-fuel fireplace insert as well? A popular flex-fuel fireplace insert is the Country Flame Crossfire by Magnum.

Ready to get more use out of an old fireplace? Be sure to follow these tips when buying a fireplace insert:

Buying Fireplace Inserts:

  • Make sure the fireplace insert is certified.
  • Get the fireplace insert professionally installed to ensure safety.

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