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BIBS Insulation Installation

BIBS Insulation was developed by Ark-Seal International in the 1980’s and was the original blow-in-the-wall insulation system. It is still one of the most widely accepted systems after decades on the market, and has extensive laboratory and field testing to back performance claims.
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BIBS® contractors purchase their netting from Blow In Blanket, LLC and undergo extensive training to become a licensed BIBS® installer. The network of licensed installers, BIBCA, insures quality workmanship by requiring ongoing training and recertification, even for experienced contractors. The BIBS® contractor uses approved fiber glass from any of three partner manufacturers. These include OPTIMA® and InsulSafe®SP from CertainTeed, Climate Pro® and Spider from Johns Manville, and Perimeter Plus® from Knauf Insulation.

The use of any other insulation product, fiber glass or cellulose, is unacceptable in BIBS®. The loose-fill insulation is sometimes mixed with a fi ne adhesive mist, but most often installed completely dry behind special netting. Drywall can be installed immediately over BIBS® because it is not necessary to allow for drying time. In addition to sidewalls, BIBS® is a favorite for vaulted or cathedral ceilings, under floors, crawlspaces and for attic applications. Testing proves that BIBS® will not settle, and BIBS® will not support mold or mildew.

BIBS® offers outstanding thermal performance. You can achieve up to an R-15 in 2×4 construction and an R-23 in 2×6. R Values vary slightly depending on the density of application, but the elimination of gaps and voids, expert installation, and on-site testing guarantees superior performance. In addition to all this, BIBS® is supported by extensive outside, independent testing. BIBS® contractors have formed an organization called the Blow-In- Blanket Contractors Association (BIBCA). This group was established to jointly market BIBS®, exchange product and system information, and to assure that this system maintains quality standards unsurpassed in the industry. BIBCA also requires continuing education to assure the highest level of professional installation in the industry.