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Henges Insulation has an exclusive air infiltration system called, Henges HIGH-TEC-HOMEsm.  This system takes Building Science and incorporates those objectives into five levels.

A building structure is comprised of multitude of systems (the envelope, windows/doors, heating & cooling, etc) that must work together to create a safe, durable, efficient, and safe structure. By using Henges HIGH-TEC-HOMEsm we have taken the guess work out of air sealing, wall insulation, attic insulation, and combing those details with performance testing.

Henges HIGH-TEC-HOMEsm has a model for new construction and remodel or retro projects. We work with independent third party energy auditors to assure high performance and energy savings which provides a respectable return on your investment and years of comfort.


  • HIGH-TEC-HOMEsm I – Standard code compliance air seal and insulation.
  • HIGH-TEC-HOMEsm II – Energy Efficient air seal and use high R-values.
  • HIGH-TEC-HOMEsm III – Silver Certified, with EcoSealtm and Energy Star insulation recommended levels for climate zone 4.
  • HIGH-TEC-HOMEsm IV – Gold Certified, the above details plus third party test guarantee of 85 or better energy audit score.*
  • HIGH-TEC-HOMEsm V – Platinum Certified, the above plus third party test guarantee of 65 or better energy audit score.*

*Gold and Platinum levels require consideration for HVAC, windows/door U-values, and other Energy Star components that are a required part of the overall energy score.