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Olathe, KS Fireplace, Stove and Insulation Installation

From fireplace repairs to installation, Henges is the insulation and fireplace company to call. When it comes to fireplace installation in Olathe Kansas, the best place to go is Henges Insulation and Fireplaces. We have been in business since 1932, and we can make your home cozier and more energy efficient.
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Stove and Fireplace Repairs

Besides fireplace and stove installation, we also do fireplace repairs. Whether they be simple or complicated, Henges Insulation and Fireplaces can handle it all. Any commercial business or residential home can count on our services to help fix any problem that you encounter with your fireplace or stove. Our experience equips us with the know-how that you can trust to get the fireplace, stove back to proper working order in record time.

The Best Selection of Fireplaces and Stoves in the Olathe Area

In a town like Olathe, it is very important to have proper heating and insulation. The harsh winter months are brutal and unsympathetic, and being prepared for what the cold brings can be vital to each and every home. Our many years of experience have allowed us to build up quite a repertoire of fireplaces. We are able to offer wood and coal, steel and cast iron, gas vent or natural vent, electric, masonry, and more. You can pick out a freestanding fireplace or a built-in model. We work and build to your preferences. If a stove is the preferred item for your home, we have an equal amount of varieties for that as the fireplace, including similar styles such as gas direct vent or electric.

Save Money Year Round with a Properly Insulated Home

There are many different forms of insulation on the market. We can do anything from rolled insulation to foam, to fiberglass, to cellulose, to hybrid, to sound and everything in between. You name the preferred method, and we can accommodate you. In Olathe, we do residential, commercial and new construction insulation installation, so there is no business or building that we can’t equip with the proper type and amount of insulation. If you need insulation for any project, please call us before you begin. Our expert Energy Consultants can help you choose materials based on your budget, your home, and the benefits you want to achieve

If you have a fireplace, stove, or insulation project we can assist with, please call us at (913)764-4600. We’d love to work with you!