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Foam Insulation

Foam insulation systems are not new. Several were introduced nearly 20 years ago to take advantage of the strong re-insulation market generated by the energy crisis. There are two basic types: open and closed cell polyurethane foams.

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Foam Insulation:

Depending on the Manufacturer, there are different performance ratings and benefits. In particular, open cell polyurethane systems have gained great popularity in recent years. Polyurethane foam expands in seconds to 100 times its liquid volume and cures in 20 seconds. The excess material is shaved away and removed from the jobsite. Special training and safety precautions are necessary, requiring installers to wear coveralls and a full-protective mask with fresh, outside air. Depending on local building code, open cell polyurethane foam may require a separate vapor barrier.

Spray foam insulation is typically one of the most expensive systems, and this is one of its drawbacks. Consumers should investigate the R value and composition of the different manufacturers’ systems, confirmed by their ES Reports. Some consumers are concerned with the fact that foam systems are petroleum based. In contrast, BIBS® pure fiber glass material is made from sand, the most plentiful and renewable resource available. Spray foam systems are very popular today, and are sometimes even used in combination with BIBS®.

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We hope that helps clarify some questions you may have had about insulation. We will be happy to talk to you further to help you decide which type of insulation is best for your Kansas City home. The important thing to remember is that the effectiveness of insulation depends more on the quality of installation than the material used. Tests show that a mere four percent gap from poorly installed insulation can cut your insulation’s performance in half! At Henges Insulation & Fireplaces, we understand this. Our technicians are thoroughly trained, obtain regular re-certifications throughout their careers, and understand the complexity and importance of insulation. Call us for professional insulation for your Kansas City home – 913-764-4600.