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Home Insulation: Merriam, KS

At Henges Insulation, we’ve been in business since 1932. We have delivered products and services to builders, designers, remodelers, architects and homeowners in Merriam. We handle both commercial and residential insulation installation.

Home Insulation Saves Energy and Money


Most homes in Merriam are under-insulated. Simply adding attic insulation will make a big difference on your heating and cooling bills. Did you ever wonder how much energy you’re wasting? We can tell you.

Our technicians will come into your property and perform an energy audit. From there, we will check out everything from crawl spaces to foundations. This way you can see where there may be drafts or leaks in your home. Then, we can add attic insulation and wall insulation to make your home more energy efficient.

Call Henges Insulation for all of your home insulation needs. You’ll get excellent work and amazing customer service. Call us at 913-764-4600.