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Lee’s Summit Fireplace Repair & Home Insulation


Henges Fireplaces and Insulation has been keeping Lee’s Summit, KS, homes and businesses in the community warm and comfortable. An energy-efficient heater is just one part of the solution.

The most economical way to ensure a structure stays warm when outdoor temperatures plummet is to tighten up the seal of the building’s envelope. Just as your body retains more heat when you wear a heavy jacket, home insulation helps your structure hold on to the heat that you’re paying for on your monthly utility bills. Henges can help you save energy and money in your Lee’s Summit home.

Before Installing Insulation, We Identify Sources of Energy Waste

As a leading home insulation company servicing Lee’s Summit, KS, we know that the key to success when it comes to sealing a building’s envelope is to address the structure’s major sources of energy loss. For existing homes and businesses, we offer energy audits under the Environmental Protection Agency’s Home Performance with Energy Star program. Our certified auditors use specialized equipment like blower doors and infrared cameras to locate leaks with accuracy and precision.

Lee’s Summit’s Home Insulation Experts

When you’re building a new home or business in Lee’s Summit, KS, having one of our expert Energy Consultants on your team helps ensure that you choose the right type and correct amount of insulation for every application. Whether it’s insulation for the attic, where temperatures can reach as high as 150 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer, or insulation for walls, we can provide and install any type of insulator material. From sound-proofing insulation for home theater installations to spray-applied cellulose for new wall construction, we’ll help guide you towards the home insulation best for your application.

Quality Lees Summit Fireplace Repairs and Installations

Few home features enhance the mood and atmosphere of a home more effectively than a well-designed fireplace. As the hearth of your home, a fireplace is a central focal point that invites family and family to gather and linger in shared conversation. A properly installed and well-maintained fireplace adds physical warmth to your home too, lowering your heating costs. Whether you’re interested in a new free-standing or built-in model or you need a fireplace repair to improve the safety of your existing fireplace, the technicians at Henges Fireplaces and Insulation have the experience and expertise to ensure that you’re 100% satisfied with the results.

Serving Lee’s Summit, KS, and the surrounding communities since 1932, Henges Fireplaces and Insulation is the company to call for products and services that save you money on heating and cooling costs while enhancing the comfort of your indoor environment. Whether you’re looking for the best insulation product for a new addition or you’re in need a complex fireplace repair, our fireplace and home insulation company offers affordable solutions.