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Lenexa Home Insulation & Fireplace Repair

Lenexa, KS residents who are searching for a quality home insulation and fireplace repair company will be pleased to discover that Henges Fireplaces and Insulation has been involved in the home insulation industry since 1932. We carry a complete line of products suitable for all types of residential and commercial construction. Our services also include fireplace repair and installation of built-in or free standing units. Our knowledge and expertise gives us the ability to consult with you about your project and come up with the best solution possible.

Lenexa’s Home Insulation Experts


When home insulation is installed properly in a Lenexa, KS residence, it provides a number of benefits such as lower energy bills, protection from pests, and improvement of indoor air quality.

Our expert home insulation company technicians can help you determine which type of insulation is best for your needs. We work with spider insulation, hybrid insulation, sound insulation, and fiberglass insulation as well as a list of many others.

Proper Installation Provides the Best Home Insulation Performance

Installing home insulation can be quite tricky. With various types of product on the market and different manufacturer guidelines, the success of a project depends on the experience of the home insulation company completing the work. Fortunately, our team of field technicians have been trained and certified to work with each product that we provide. The performance of insulation in your Lenexa, KS home depends on proper techniques and the ability to follow current standards. You get the best home insulation installation with Henges.

Wood Stove and Fireplace Repair Professionals

Another important aspect in many Lenexa, KS home construction projects is choosing a suitable fireplace or wood stove that’s both aesthetically pleasing and provides warmth and relaxation. Our Lenexa, KS team of fireplace repair and installation technicians have the same dedication, knowledge, and expertise to assist you with this aspect of your remodel or new installation. We understand the importance of venting and the aspects required when utilizing gas, wood or electric heating units.

We Have Years of Insulation and Fireplace Experience in Lenexa

When completed correctly, home insulation can provide years of protective value. Sound control, moisture elimination, and safety from fire. At Henges Insulation & Fireplaces, we give you a breakdown of each important element and advise you before completing a final decision. Our Lenexa, KS home insulation company employees take pride in the home insulation and fireplace repair projects that they complete. The continued praise from past and current customers makes us strive to create the best workmanship in the Lenexa area.