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Home Insulation & Fireplace Repair in Prairie Village, KS


For expert care in home insulation and fireplace repair in Prairie Village, KS, Henges Insulation & Fireplaces is the best choice. Assisting with intelligent home insulation choices since 1932, we have an established history of excellence in providing quality service and exemplary installations.

Whether you are building a new home, remodeling your current home, or just wanting to add a bit of warmth with a fireplace or stove, we can help you find the right product for you. Our installers are trained professionals certified to work with various types of construction who take great pride in their work.

Insulation Saves Money on Energy Bills

When considering a home insulation company in Prairie Village, KS, it is important to note that we will work with both new construction and remodel work. Our goal with installing insulation is to provide the best temperature regulation possible. With proper insulation, your home’s air quality will be better, noises from the outside and between rooms will be more diminished, and perhaps most importantly, the consumption of energy used in heating and cooling your home will drop. With economized energy use comes lower energy bills, which equates to long-term savings. The various types of insulation options each provide different benefits, which is why we are available to help navigate the details for you and help you make the best choice for your Prairie Village home. Following that, our technicians will perform the install themselves, including proper air sealing and thorough inspection of the work.

We Are Experts in Fireplace Repair and Installation

In addition to being a home insulation company, we also excel in fireplace repair. Our experience includes everything from traditional built-in fireplaces and free-standing heat sources such as wood and coal stoves, as well as a variety of vent types. We can refurbish an existing piece for your needs, though we also carry a selection of new fireplaces, many of which you can peruse in our showroom. When you choose us for fireplace repair, our technicians can help you understand which heating sources are best for your Prairie Village home and will give you the most control over regulating temperatures. Our expert installation will provide years of cozy warmth.

Our expertise and quality of service speak for themselves, establishing Henges Insulation & Fireplaces as the perfect choice for your home insulation and fireplace needs in Prairie Village, KS.