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Home Insulation in Shawnee Mission, KS


For home insulation in Shawnee Mission, KS, Henges Insulation is the company to call. Adding insulation is one of the smartest moves you can make to reduce your energy bills.

We’ve been helping intelligent homeowners improve their energy efficiency with insulation since 1932.

Benefits of Insulating Your Home or Business

At Henges Insulation, we work with both new construction and remodels in Shawnee Mission. Insulating different types of construction calls for different products and techniques. Our goal is to provide the best temperature regulation possible so you save money on heating and cooling your home or business. And the good news is, when you insulate, you’ll save money on energy bills every single year afterward. Insulation will also dampen noises from the outside and between rooms inside.

Proper Installation Is Critical for Maximum Energy Savings

At Henges Insulation, our certified installers undergo extensive training and continue to receive training, education, and re-certifications throughout their careers. Our insulation technicians will help you decide which insulation products best fit your home or office and your budget. Then our technicians will perform the install themselves which includes proper air sealing and thorough inspection of the work when finished.