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Spider Insulation

The JM Spider Insulation System sprays into fill all gaps and voids where energy can escape. Your homeowners will appreciate the savings they will get from lowering the cost of heating and cooling their homes. The JM Spider Custom Insulation System has high thermal performance, achieving up to an R-15 in 2×4 wall cavities and an R-23 in 2×6 wall cavities.

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Efficiency in the Homes You Build:

JM will guarantee the energy efficiency of the homes you build. Studies indicate that over 80 percent of homeowners want energy efficient homes that include insulation above code requirements.* The reason is obvious… it pays homeowners back by reducing operating costs for the life of their homes. JM will give your homeowners a limited guarantee that their heating and cooling energy usage will not exceed levels set by an independent expert.

*The State of Green Building annual green building survey conducted by the Cahners Residential Group — Professional Builder, Luxury Home Builder, Professional Remodeler and — in partnership with industry manufacturers and associations.

* Terms, conditions and limitations apply. Contact your JM representative for details.

JM Spider Insulation Reduces Outside Noise.

JM Spider insulation sprays in, filling gaps and voids where outside noise can travel into the home. For example, JM Spider insulation achieves a Sound Transmission Class (STC) of 43 in an exterior 2×4 wood framed wall with 1/2″ particle board siding, 1/8″ pressed cardboard sheathing and 1/2″ gypsum board. Compare with other systems, and you’ll see that JM Spider insulation is the best choice to help reduce sound transmission from outside noise. Homeowners will enjoy the peace and quiet.

JM Spider Insulation Adds a Layer of Protection Against Mold.

There is a rising concern over some spray systems that use a lot of water and can be a food source for mold. But JM Spider insulation is made from fiber glass, an inorganic material that is naturally mold resistant. In addition, JM Spider insulation adhesive contains a U.S. EPA registered mold inhibitor, giving the insulation an extra layer of protection against mold growth, improving the quality and durability of the homes you build. What homeowner wouldn’t appreciate such protection? There is also very little moisture used to apply JM Spider insulation. It sprays on practically dry to the touch, using less than 8 oz of moisture per cavity in the adhesive. Some other systems use more than 32 oz of water per cavity! In fact, JM Spider insulation can contain even less moisture than the surrounding wood framing.

JM Spider Insulation Saves Money and Reduces Cycle Time.

JM Spider insulation needs no drying time if you install it with the recommended amount of moisture, so you can put drywall up right away. Other upgrade spray systems can take 2-3 days to prep, install and dry. With JM Spider insulation you can be done in one day. According to the NAHB, when you factor in the cost of money, contractor delays, management costs and sales opportunity costs, one day can cost as much as $300 or more. By using JM Spider Insulation, you can reduce cycle time by 2-3 days and save hundreds of dollars per day!

* Based on a 2700 SF home.
** Manufacturer’s recommendations.